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Natural Gas
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Gas is a cheap and reliable resource but it is not renewable (unless we wait millions of years) its main uses are heating homes and schools and cooking. It can be also be used to cool but that is even more expensive than electricity.
It was formed by animals dying millions of years ago settling on the sea floor and being covered

There are three different types of cooling that use natural gas, they are:
• Engine driven coolers-These work the same as electric driven air conditioners but the left over heat can be used for other appliances like a kettle.
• Absorbent coolers-These coolers evaporate amonia and water in a refrigeration process that is used mainly in shopping centres and large buildings.
• Dessicant coolers-These use a complicated method of cooling by getting red of humidity in the air, this is much harder on a humid day.
Most of the new houses built in America install natural gas heating systems (about 70%) this is because gas is much cheaper and more efficient in heating because it makes an actual flame, without having to use coils.

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The uses of gas
This pie graph shows what gas is used for and the percentages

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