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More Info on Gas

More Information On Natural Gas

How Things Work
Advantages and Disadvantages Of using Gas
Impacts This has on the world.
More Information On Natural Gas

How we get the Gas from the Ground.

How We Harness Gas

To get gas from the ground we use massive drills and pipelines to literally suck the gas from giant cavities in the Earth. In some ways this is a very bad problem because there is oceans above the great holes and this may do something to harm to Earth.

Natural Gas is quite a boring thing, it has no smell and you cant see it but it has many uses. It is mostly methane in the pure form with traces of other gases such as propane and carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Gas can be quite dangerous if we breath it in so once it is proccessed at the plant they add a disturbing smell so people will know if there is a gas leak.

One of the major things that will happen in the future is that gas and all fossil fuels will run out in the next 80 years, this will result in the world having no ways of getting energy unless they think ahead.

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